In Portalegre from 12 to 20 September Enrico Gentina and Altino Barrads held a european Training Course in Portogallo titled “Living Library – uno strumento per l’inclusione”.

This Training Course aims to fight discrimination and contribute to create a more inclusive society, where diversity is seen as an asset and human rights and minorities dignity could be a reality, training juvenile NGO to undertake actions through the tool of Living Lybrary.

The tools of non-formal education consist of games, team-building exercices, workshops, simulations, presentations, debates that trigger a process of cooperative and peer learning, which is used to train the participants to use Living Library (obtain skills to design, implement and evaluate a Living Library event) and strenghten the awareness against discrimination and prejudice.

The Training Course also had the goal of building a network of active associations in the realization of Living Library.

The project has seen the participation of 32 youths and volunteers coming from Portugal, Italy, UK, Greece, Austria, Hungary, Estonia and Croatia.