What if people were books? What if we could leaf trought the most intimate pages of an unknown soul? What if we could listen to his or her voice and read his or her story and emotions in the eyes?
Narrarsi è disporsi lla comprensione della propria vita, ri-conoscendo, ovvero conoscendo nuovamente ciò che si è vissuto.
Quando si racconta e si condivide una storia propria, in qualche modo muta l’abitudine, cambia il punto di vista e i canoni di giudizio sulla realtà.

Trying to not collude with prejudice



The book is a person.
It as a story, his aneddote, it’s prepare it to tell and share with the readers, one by one, like a book of paper. 


Editor and book cover, he’s at the service of the book to prepare the story and write down a small description that enjoy the readers to choose him, like the side of the book cover. He walk with the book and the reader to make them meet at half road.


Courios and awake, he knows that he’s listen to a real story, nothing more, he doesen’t know that that story can change him, or maybe yes. 


Semptember 25, 2016. Riti di passaggio, Living Library in via Sant’Anselmo 6

The Living Library,hosted in an apartment building for the first time, this year too is in the project Torino Spiritualità. Download...
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September, 24 – Healing Foods

In the location of "Scuola Holden" a Living Library was held in partnership with Slow Medicine during the event "Salone del Gusto" in Turin. What if books were humans? Living books told their stories regarding food, recipes, gastronomic tradition.   [gallery...
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Living Library may 12 Spazio MRF

Thursday, May 12, at the Spazio MRF - Mirafiori, Corso Settembrini 164, we were guests of the meeting related to the project  Binartio 18 and the Salone del Libro Off, following the presentation of the book by Alessandro Musto "Via Artom". We were there, books and...
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Story Regions webinar

<iframe src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/ILdNY8AVyd8" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe> <a href="http://www.storyregions.se/it/home-3/"><strong>Story Regions</strong></a> is an...
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Living Library on radio

Yesterday Matteo Caccia spoke about Living Library during the TV program Pascal Of Rai Radio 2. The full interview HERE.  ...
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October 17, 2015 – Fà la cosa giusta

Rites of passage, distant lands, life stories these are the ingredients of a special meal held with the "living books" and the creators of Living Library. Narrations went along with atasting of typical dishes from several countries of the world, arranged by a team of...
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October, 17 2015 – Fà la cosa giusta

Rites of passage, distant lands, life storyes these are the ingredients for a special meal held with the "living books" and the creatores of Living Library. Narrations went along with a tasting of typical dishes for different countries of the world, arranged by a...
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May 11 2015 Living Library at the Festival of Popular Orality

Sunday we were guests of the Festival of Popular Orality, after lunch the project Guess Who's Coming to Dinner we occupied Piazza Carlo Alberto in Turin with some living books, the book that collects all the stories of the last speakers libraries, and with ourselves ,...
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Training course in Portugal

In Portalegre from 12 to 20 September Enrico Gentina and Altino Barrads held a european Training Course in Portogallo titled "Living Library - uno strumento per l'inclusione". This Training Course aims to fight discrimination and contribute to create a more inclusive...
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September 2015- Living Library meets the Festival della Spiritualità

In Semptember 2015, in the beautiful context of Festival della Spiritualità of Turin, we went into an apartment building to bring our stories and tell the rites of passage theme. Download HERE the catalogue of our...
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I participate in a Living Library because I think that the stories of the people have great wealth, by carefully handling, sensitivity and, at the same time that you feel in full voice.


The Living Library is a small community workshop.

Anders Carlson

I’m a librarian because I like to move me with the history of people and I like to try to bring this emotion on a sheet of paper.